Joinery Care

All species of timber in its natural state will adversely react to normal wet and dry weather conditions by continuous expansion and contraction. Joinery in buildings is also subject to wear and tear from everyday use. To preserve the quality of your joinery product we suggest the following:

  • Coat all timber joinery surfaces including the putty line with a waterproof stain or paint finish as recommended by your builder. Your builder may have completed this prior to installation at your premises.
  • Re-coating of the waterproof finish to the joinery should be applied periodically in accordance with the product directions and your individual exposure to the elements.
  • Door and window tracks should be regularly cleaned free of grit and sand. Apply a small amount (1/4 of a teaspoon) of petroleum jelly to the inner lip of each side of the track and pass the wheels through the lubricant to ensure it is evenly distributed along the track.
  • Hinges, pivots, drop bolts and brackets should be cleaned and then lightly sprayed with a corrosion preventative such as WD40 followed by a light wipe with a dry cloth to clean away any excess.
  • Some glass products are sensitive to particular cleaning products. Please ensure you understand the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning the glass in your joinery.

The procedures recommended above need to be carried out to prevent deterioration in the installed environment. Generally this would be eighteen monthly for timber and six monthly for hardware. This may need to be performed more frequently in coastal areas.