AWA - Australian Window Association

Hampton & Larsson is a member of the Australian Window Association. AWA Members are committed to a more professional industry and must comply with the standards of the association which include:
  • Members manufacture window and door products in compliance with all relevant Australian Standards.
  • Members verify their window's design performance using a NATA accredited testing laboratory.
  • Members performance label their windows to the required 'wind pressure' and 'water penetration' requirements of AS2047.
  • Members' windows are subject to annual NATA inspections.
  • Members guarantee their windows against faulty workmanship and materials for a period of 7 years (subject to correct installation and product maintenance).
  • Members conduct business with honesty and integrity, upholding the right to a fair return for goods and services supplied.

Using an AWA member when purchasing your window and door products significantly reduce the risk of purchasing the incorrect product for your application.  For more information about the AWA & compliance to the Building Code of Australia follow this link – http://.www.awa.org.au

WERS – Window Energy Ratings Scheme

Hampton and Larsson is a member of WERS and have an approved energy rating which provides up to 42% improvement in cooling and up to 17% improvement in heating. Click here for our ratings results.

The Window Energy Rating Scheme enables windows to be rated and labelled for their annual energy impact on a whole house, in any climate of Australia. To participate in WERS, window makers must obtain energy ratings for their products from a rating organisation that is accredited by the AFRC (Australian Fenestration Rating Council) WERS is independent of any one manufacturer and acts as a fair, rigorous and credible system for testing performance claims. WERS-rated windows must meet all relevant Australian standards. The scheme forms part of the quality assurance that smart manufacturers offer their customers.

For more information follow this link - http://www.wers.net